Economic Development

CCD Business Development Corporation (CCD) is the federally recognized and funded Economic Development District for Coos, Curry, and Douglas counties. In this capacity, CCD receives a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), which enables CCD to provide technical assistance, project development, grant/project application writing, and grant/project administration services to agencies in the CCD region. Often rural communities, districts, and ports do not have the financial resources for the services that CCD can offer.

CCD can help you to develop your projects, organize One-Stop Meetings to connect you with the organizations that fund projects, and provide administrative services for your projects:

  • Project Development
  • Grant/Project Application Writing
  • Meeting Development & Facilitation
  • Grant Administration/Project Administration
  • Labor Standards
  • CDBG Environmental Review Record
  • Community Involvement

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The CEDS was just updated in 2014 – 2018. CCD is required by the EDA to maintain a CEDS in order to qualify as an Economic Development District in Oregon. The CEDS gives public and private entities a way to consider an inventory of major projects and ideas that could benefit the region as a whole, and prioritize them in a formal, agreed upon way. It is a useful tool for local governments and nonprofits when considering funding and logistics.

The CEDS is a communications tool and not a funding mechanism itself. However, it helps CCD refer potential funding sources to pending projects which are important to the region. The CEDS is shared with federal funding agencies (including EDA and USDA-RD), as well as state and federal legislators. The State of Oregon uses it to inform its Regional Solutions Team.

We are currently seeking community input to inform our Strategy Committee for the upcoming CEDS process to set regional goals and priorities for our next CEDS process.  Click the link below to access the survey – we want to hear from you!

2018 CEDS Community Survey

Please submit completed surveys to Tracy Loomis at

You can view the full 2014-2018 CEDS document here

Enterprise Zones

The Enterprise Zone program is designed to encourage businesses of all sizes to make new or additional investments that will improve employment opportunities, spur economic growth, and diversify business activity within the communities each zone encompasses.
The primary benefit to qualifying businesses is 100% abatement from local property taxes, for at least three and in some cases up to five years, on plant and equipment newly invested in the zone.  Property tax exemptions of 7 to 15 years may be available to businesses making sizeable investments and bringing well-paying jobs.

CCD is the Zone Manager for all 7 Enterprise Zones in Coos, Curry, and Douglas counties.

Coos County Enterprise Zones

The Bay Area Enterprise Zone is located on the Southern Oregon Coast, within and adjacent to the cities of Coos Bay and North Bend.  The Bay Area boasts a deep-sea port, rail service and an urban renewal area in the North Spit Industrial Park.  The North Bend Airport Industrial Park and several other industrial areas are also located within the enterprise zone.

Coquille Valley Enterprise Zone is located in Coos County, within and adjacent to the cities of Coquille, Myrtle Point, and Bandon and 20-30 minutes from Coos Bay and the North Bend Airport.  The zone includes the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort area.  There are numerous, well-served industrial lands in the area that are ready for further development.

Curry County Enterprise Zones

Gold Beach Enterprise Zone encompasses over 200 acres within Gold Beach and its surrounding areas.  The majority of the Enterprise Zone property is located at the abandoned Champion Mill site on the south bank of the Rogue River, approximately 3 miles east of Highway 101.  Another section of the Enterprise Zone is at the north end of the Gold Beach Municipal Airport.  The remaining portion of the Enterprise Zone is located in the Hunter Creek area next to Freeman Marine Industrial Area.

Douglas County Enterprise Zones 

Lower Umpqua Enterprise Zone located in Western Douglas County just inland from the Pacific Ocean, this area encompasses the City of Reedsport, the Gardiner area, and Winchester Bay and Salmon Harbor Marina.  The Reedsport area is only one-half hour from the North Bend Airport and with outstanding beauty and natural wonders, the area offers high-quality industrial lands immediately available for development.

Roberts Creek Enterprise Zone & Electronic Commerce Enterprise Zone is located in Central Douglas County, immediately adjacent to Interstate 5, encompassing land along Diamond Lake Boulevard within the City of Roseburg, an unincorporated area just south of Roseburg known as the Green District, the unincorporated area south of the City of Winston known as Dillard, and a small amount of land in the Glide area.  These areas host numerous well-serviced industrial sites, such as the area known as the Rifle Range site in Roseburg and the Oak Creek Industrial Park, which is immediately adjacent to the I-5 corridor.

South Douglas County Enterprise Zone located in Southern Douglas County, immediately adjacent to Interstate 5, encompassing land within the cities of Myrtle Creek and Riddle, as well as unincorporated land in those areas, and near Glendale.  The area hosts numerous well-serviced industrial sites and one fully-developed industrial park (the South Umpqua Valley Industrial Park) immediately adjacent to the I-5 corridor.  It also includes industrial land in the Myrtle Creek and Riddle areas.

Sutherlin / Oakland Enterprise Zone located in Central Douglas County.  Immediately adjacent to Interstate 5, encompassing the cities of Oakland and Sutherlin, as well as industrial lands in the Wilbur / Winchester areas just north of Roseburg.  There are numerous well-serviced industrial parks in the area.

For additional Enterprise Zone information visit the following website: